Facebook and Instagram Shop Feature Removed from Turkey

Social media giants Facebook and Instagram have a significant impact worldwide with millions of users and businesses. However, as of September 2021, there was a significant change for users and businesses residing in Turkey. Facebook and Instagram decided to remove the popular "Shop" feature in Turkey. The reasons behind this decision and its effects have become a subject of curiosity.

What are Shop Features?

Firstly, let's understand Facebook and Instagram's shop features. These features are powerful tools that enable businesses to showcase their products and services on the platforms. Users can directly view products, learn about prices, and make purchases through these shop features. Additionally, businesses can collect customer feedback and manage advertising campaigns.

Reasons for Removal

So, what do we know about why Facebook and Instagram removed shop features in Turkey? While we don’t have definitive information, possible reasons could include:

  1. Tax Regulations: Turkey might be considering regulations to increase taxes on digital services. This could mean additional financial burdens for social media platforms.

  2. Data Privacy and Security Concerns: Turkey might introduce stricter regulations on data privacy and the security of user information, affecting how platforms conduct business.

  3. Local Competition: Local e-commerce platforms and businesses might be encouraging such restrictions to gain a competitive advantage against international social media giants.


What could be the potential implications of this change on businesses and users in Turkey?

  1. Challenges for Businesses: Shop features could limit businesses' opportunities to showcase their products to broader audiences and make sales.

  2. Limitations for Users: Users might face restrictions on browsing products and making direct purchases on the platform.

  3. Changes in Advertising Strategies: Businesses might need to reconsider their advertising strategies due to the unavailability of Facebook and Instagram's shop features.


Facebook's official statement is as follows:

Facebook and Instagram's decision to remove shop features in Turkey could impact the social media and e-commerce landscape. However, it will take time to see the exact outcomes. Users and businesses in Turkey will show how they adapt to these changes and seek alternative solutions. The long-term effects of these changes on digital marketing and business practices should be closely monitored.

The shop feature in Turkey has been terminated as of August 10th. This situation will gradually affect all users in Turkey. The initial phase will involve hiding the shops. Therefore, the issue you are currently experiencing applies to all users in Turkey, and gradually all users' shops will be hidden.

The shop feature is only supported in the following countries, and in all other countries, the "shop" button is removed: the United States, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Ukraine.

You can redirect users to your Instagram account with ads and make sales through your website added to your Instagram bio, but for now, the shop feature has been removed.

For more detailed information: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/623552069600842